35 Facebook Marketing Ideas To Try This Week

As Facebook grows indefinitely, businesses are starting to realize that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out in a news feed. So, I’ve compiled a list of creative Facebook marketing strategies to captivate your audience so your business can tower above your competition. These 35 Facebook posting ideas will get you out of your posting block rut and into engagement and growth. Let’s get started.

1. Images

Photos are 10 times more likely to get engagement than text alone. TEN TIMES! So, don’t leave your post hangin’. Tack on a gif or a relevant stock photo if you don’t have an image to accompany your status. Not only are images eye catching and colorful, but they convey more information than text can alone. Turns out, a photo IS worth a thousand words (or more) to your audience.

2. Live Video

Facebook loves when you use their live feature; so much so that they reward those who use it! Start using Facebook live and you will be more likely to pop up on your audience’s screen. Above that, people love uncut live video. According to Marketing Insider Group, “80% of consumers prefer live video when viewing branding content”. Consider filming a Q & A, a how-to demonstration, or simply talking about your industry. It may be intimidating to start your first live video, but keep in mind it doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to provide value to your viewers.

3. How to Videos

Create a short video explaining how to do something you’re already good at. These simple concept videos are helpful, informative and provide you with an opportunity to connect with your audience! You don’t need fancy shmancy cameras or editing software. Try using your smart phone and editing the footage in a movie editing app right on your phone!

4. Create “Compelling” Videos

When you are planning out your next video, keep viewers from leaving before the half way point. Facebook considers your video “compelling” if viewers make it at least half way. Compelling videos are more likely to get featured on your audience’s timelines. To keep viewers watching, announce at the beginning that you have special news, a giveaway or hack at the end of the video. You could even go with the infomercial approach of, “BUT WAIT! THERES MORE!” during your video (not recommended).

5. Closed Captioning

When creating a video, include closed captioning with a large enough font to read easily on the bottom of the screen. Many Facebook users keep their phone on silent for one reason or another (in class, in a meeting, on a public bus, in a library, sleeping spouse beside them, etc. etc.) Viewers may have no clue what’s going on without captions and your video will get overlooked.

6. Q & A

Post a status on your page prompting your followers to ask you questions. They could be about your products/services, your industry, or even about you as a person. Respond to those questions in a short video, on a status, or on Facebook live. This is great way to connect with your FB community as well as clearing up any misconceptions about your business.

7. Create a Blog

Blogs are easy pieces of content to give to your Facebook followers. The first step is to pick a highly specific part of your industry to write about; more specific blogs tend to receive more traffic than blogs written on broad topics. From there, open a word document and start writing. You are great at what you do, so you will have lots of information to share. Next thing you know, voilà! You are the proud owner of a new blog post. There are no rules to blogs, so make it your own. Feel free to get creative with the length, photos, gifs, videos, format, etc. Post it on your website and direct your Facebook traffic there for everyones enjoyment.

5 Easy Facebook Marketing Posts
Infographic from Englance.com
8. Create an Infographic

Like a blog, infographics are a great channel of delivering information in a creative way. Canva is a free app that allows you to easily design your own infographics. To start, think of a catchy title that appeals to your target audience. For example, “Best Ways to Increase your Home’s Value” or “5 Easy Posts to Grow your Business”. Mess around with the features of the app and create something informative. I should be easy to read and represent you and your brand. Drop your infographic on your Facebook to show you followers you know a thing or two about your industry.

9. Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to get more traffic your page. Make, find, or buy something to give away as a free-be to your audience. This could be one of your products, a free session/service, or something fun you bought at the store. Post a photo of your giveaway. Then, (this is where you benefit from this whole thing) require you audience to like your Facebook page, follow your Instagram/twitter, or tag 5 friends in the comments in order to enter. The photo caption would be a great place to disclose this. Your audience is excited about the giveaway, and your channels receive some love. Genius, I know.

Facebook Marketing Contest Example10. Host a Contest

Similar to a giveaway, create a contest to see which of your followers can do X, Y or Z the best. Let’s say you need a new tee shirt design for an upcoming company event... Create a post announcing the submission with the best design will receive $100, one of your products/services, and one of the shirts! Simple, engaging, and it will get your audience talking.

11. Post Multiple Times a Day

There’s a stigma that double or triple posting is bad/annoying/not good for business. In reality, more posts = more likelihood people will see your content. This is especially important if you are trying to exponentially grow your Facebook business page (who isn’t, tbh?)

Facebook Marketing Posting Times
Infographic from Coschedule.com
12. Post at Optimal Times

Coschedule conducted 23 studies to find the best times on average to post on Facebook. They have concluded Facebook users are most active at 9am, 1pm, or 3pm. If your goal is to get the most likes, try for 3 o' clock. However, this may be different for your business. Be sure to check your own data and analytics to see when your followers are most active. Also, schedule your post around the same time every day. Not only is this a good routine to get into (for you and your followers), but Facebook also boosts your posts when they are sent out at consistent times every day!

13. Recycle Content

Try posting a photo to your Facebook that you have already posted in the past. This sounds redundant, I know, but you most likely didn’t reach your full audience the first time.

14. Engage Your Followers

Leave your posts open ended. Ask for opinions on a subject, what they have planned for the weekend, or a general, “how is everyone doing today?” Reply to their comments and start a conversation in the comments section.

15. Use Emoji’s

These little guys are eye catching and give personality to your post. No one likes a business that feels like a business. Make your business feel like a human, because after all, you are!

16. Be Human

With that in mind, have personality. Show some pizzazz. Make jokes, post funny memes, use slang, and spice up your account with some character while still remaining professional. Neither you nor your business are robots. That is unless your business is in robot manufacturing, of course.

17. Respond to Every Comment

Respond ASAP, and always reply. Depending on the size/popularity of your Facebook, this may be difficult to do, but it will pay off. This not only lets your audience know you are listening, but also your post will become more “engaging” in Facebook’s algorithm. More engaging photos, videos, and statuses show up more often on timelines.

18. Follow the 1/5th Rule

Facebook marketing that feels like marketing is not ideal. Try promoting your business in only 1/5th of your posts. The other 4/5th should be valuable, entertaining, or empowering content for your viewers to enjoy. This communicates that you’re not constantly trying to pry money out of your audience, but instead that you care about informing them or making their day a wee bit better.

19. Create an eBook

An ebook?! That will take me years!... Although intimidating, creating one is easier than it sounds. You could turn any piece of your writing into an ebook. In fact, I’m going to make this blog into one! Simply write a blog or story about your industry, convert it to a PDF, and hand it out to your audience to download and enjoy. It’s a great way to mix up your media and provide your consumers with something different.

20. Update Your Photo

Change your profile photo to something new and fresh. This little tweak could catch someone’s eye and draw them to your page. Plus, why be stagnate in this ever-changing world? You could switch it from your face to your logo, or from your logo to your face. The possibilities are endless.

Facebook Marketing Cover Photo Optimization

21. Optimize Your Cover Photo

Having an engaging, custom image as your cover photo is important because it is the first thing your audience sees on your page. Try overlaying text that briefly explains key information such as your offerings or promotions to catch attention right off the bat.

22. Customer of the Month

Post a photo of a client, tag them and list a blurb saying why they were a pleasure to work with! The customer of the month will feel special, your future clients will be looking forward to being the customer of the month, and you will have another Facebook post in the works. Win win win.

Facebook Marketing Client Testimonial

23. Share a Customer Review

Did a client/customer recently leave a glowing review on your Facebook or Google page? Screenshot that baby and post it to your account!

24. Testimonials

Take the review a step further and ask your happy clients to write a small success story for your business. These short stories could be posted to your Facebook like normal, complied into a video, or even added as a “testimonials” section on your website!

25. “Caption This”

Caption This!

This is a super quick and easy way to get your audience involved. Post a photo of you or one of your team members in an interesting situation or with an interesting face (accidental or intentional). Then ask your followers to caption it! Boom, simple and entertaining. Remember to keep it tasteful and appropriate.

26. Take a Facebook Marketing Poll

Create a poll to post to your page! Not only are these fun for your audience to do, but you can find out some valuable information directly from your target audience. For example, taking a poll asking what your followers like best about your page could help you figure out what to post next.

Facebook Marketing Promo Code Example27. Promo Codes

Post a Facebook exclusive promo code to your page. This could be for a discount, a free trial, or an add on item. Your Facebook followers will feel rewarded and you will get some additional business out of it.

28. Don’t Encourage “Trolls”

Trolls are different than unhappy customers. To resolve a case with a discouraged customer, its wise to message them privately. Trolls, however, are just that. They comment mean things on your page to get a response out of you. As a tip, “hide” their comments instead of deleting them. That way, the troll will still be able to see their comment, but no one else will. No one wants to deal with an angry troll.

29. Promote Your Other Accounts

On occasion, you can try promoting your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest on your Facebook page. Try being different in your approach so it’s engaging for your audience. Over promotion of social media channels doesn’t deliver much value to your audience, so be sure to do this seldom.

Social Media Icons

30. Capitalize on Current Events

With current hot topics comes an opportunity to engage your audience. Your followers will stop and look at content that they feel is relevant, and current events are among the most relevant of all. This could be a hot sports topic, a new phrase or joke, a new dance move, or anything people are talking about. Incorporate the trend into your business in a relevant way.

Holiday Facebook Marketing

31. Capitalize on Holidays

After all, holidays are current events that people care about! Try creating at least one post for every holiday to celebrate diversity and the spirit of holidays.

32. Behind the Scenes 

Post about your behind the scenes operations! This can either be you and your team working on a normal day or a glance into your team’s social life when you’re not working. Write captions that explain your day or what you accomplished that week. Your followers will feel personally connected with you and in turn, more likely to think of you in purchasing decisions.

33. Influencer Marketing

If you are really trying to take your Facebook page to the next level, consider pairing up with a social media influencer to promote your business! An influencer is someone on Facebook who has a decent number of followers and has the power to influence their audience. How It works: you send them your product then they post a photo or video of them using your product. The cost of this depends on how many followers/how much influence the individual has. However, it could cost anywhere from $100 - $800 dollars per post to team up with an influencer. Lots of companies do this and it is effective if you have some wiggle room in your budget!


34. Share the Content of Others

To create the strongest brand possible, post EVERY DAY! Constantly creating your own unique content across multiple platforms is exhausting, if not impossible for a team of 3 or less. Luckily, there is no shame in sharing someone else’s content to your page! Try using text, images, or video from another relevant/credible source to entertain, inform, or empower your audience. This not only gives you a break from creating your own content, but also creates a sense of community. Remember to give the original owner credit, always.

35. Share This Blog

Speaking of sharing others’ content, start by sharing this blog to your Facebook page! Your audience is likely full of entrepreneurs, business owners, or just regular users that want to grow their Facebook page; all of which can take value from a post like this!

There Ya Have It;

35 Facebook marketing ideas to keep your page entertaining, educational and empowering. There is no secret formula for growth, just keep the conversation rolling and your business will quickly gain momentum. Now’s the time to take action and start implementing these ideas into your strategy. Go straight from this blog onto Facebook to utilize one of these points while it is still fresh in your mind. Be sure to come back and let us know how to goes in the comments below! Happy posting!